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Research is another area for which The Open University is renowned. Everything we do is grounded in the research for which we’re internationally famous. Open University research changes the world. Researchers work with us because we’re known as innovative and inclusive, and we have the technology and global influence to change people’s lives across the world. We provide excellent training and development opportunities for researchers at all stages of their career so that they excel in their professional areas. In doing so, we’ve been conferred a number of internationally recognised awards.


id Course name Duration Start Date
IM1 Introduction to Marketing 6 months 10/01/
SH5 The Science of Happiness 5 months 14/05/
WN1 How to Write a Novel 5 months 14/05/
CE1 Circular Economy: Introduction 5 months 10/01/
HFBL Healthy Food for Better Living 6 months 09/01/
LE1 Leadership for Engineers 8 months 10/01/
WM1 Water Management 2 months 31/01/